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Posted: June 8, 2011 in Uncategorized
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While reading my daily news I noticed that there was an article posted on about a blog that featured humorous, satirical and opinionated little articles with pictures of the most ridiculous crap found at this store chain — and what really disturbed me was to see that Forever21 was threatening her with a lawsuit (an affront to free speech anyone?). There are already plenty of blogs that point out how terrible the quality of the products are such as a blog at the Huffington Post and there are even a few Facebook groups pointing out that ‘Forever 21’ sucks, so why would they be suddenly offended that a regular customer who actually purchases much of the stuff she writes about and would chose to share her impressions of these items with an addictive sense of humor? I for one will definitely be dropping by to read her blog just because she has such a unique sense of humor. Kudos to her and I am glad to see so many people supporting her in her ability to exercise her constitutional right. It is truly sad when big corporations attempt to bully and use scare tactics against bloggers who don’t even get paid to do what they do. Luckily, this is the age of the internet where this kind of behavior does not go unnoticed. Schools can’t even get away with unfairly punishing a student anymore.


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