So I’m sure people are wondering what the name of my blog is all about, and in fact, it all came about after a series of unfortunate… ehem… happenings. I decided I was going to revive my blog and use my excessive spare time writing about cooking and reviewing whatever I was most interested in, and as I was working on my first post in almost a year trying to come up with a new name for my blog, I turned around to see that my boyfriend was staring at a four foot grease fire in the kitchen. The only thing that managed to escape my tongue was a slightly annoyed “Honey!” which was followed by me grabbing the cat which was cowering under the futon and watching what he would do next. Unfortunately our wok only had a glass lid (which would explode if you were to try to smother a fire with it) and I had no lids big enough, so he proceeded to slowly move the flaming pan from the stove, to the kitchen floor (burning a nice circle into the linoleum), to eventually the living room (burning several circles into the carpet). I rushed to open every door and window I could while trying to place the cat in the smoke-free bedroom as she sliced my arms raw to the sound of the smoke detector, then proceeded to find fans to blow fresh air into our home (I also moved the cat out of the bedroom to a fresh window so she wouldn’t suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning). In the meantime my hero had managed to get the scalding hot pan out on the concrete and after letting it burn a few minutes, he proceeded to blow it out with his lungs. This isn’t the first time he had blown out a grease fire in this fashion. Needless to say, this is not something to emulate.

Do NOT attempt to move your grease fire outside or you may spread the fire. I know someone who ended up having to stomp out flames throughout the home after moving a flaming pan outside and if it were to happen to you, it could be worse. Also, the mass amounts of smoke and carbon monoxide created by a grease fire can be very dangerous and their effects aren’t usually felt until it is too late. Once our home was smoke-free and the pan was in the trash, I felt shaken but not defeated. I took control of the kitchen and finished frying up our breakfast won-tons just to spite the fire’s attempt to murder us and our furry daughter. I decided that I didn’t want to let such an incident make me fear frying stuff up, or dealing with hot oil (you really have to heat up oil to around 450 degrees or so before it will explode into flames, that’s why you should ALWAYS keep an eye on the pan and never burn the oil) so I decided to embrace our fearless enemy, the grease fire, and use that as the new title of my blog. You know the saying, if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen? Well, in this case I will just say that if the kitchen gets so hot that it resembles a bonfire more than it does an actual kitchen, then you should get out, and call the fire department, and maybe find a bucket of baking soda and a pan, and maybe you should buy a non-toxic fire extinguisher for the kitchen… which indeed we may do (though even then you may risk spreading the fire).

As a tip, don’t ever place anything remotely flammable above your stove and try to keep a good four feet clearance between your stove-top and anything above it. Oh, and never move your flaming pan into a sink or place any water in it or it will explode. Luckily we had been watching copious amounts of Rescue Me and we both knew these things especially after watching Mythbusters.


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