Cheap Moscato: Beringer vs. Lindemans

Posted: July 31, 2010 in Product Reviews, Wine

Here’s a very short comparison between these two Moscatos. I really enjoy Moscato so it was a bit difficult to pick out which one I liked most. This was a blind taste test, though it didn’t really matter since I didn’t have many preconceptions about either brand considering I never had Lindemans and only had Beringer once. I’m not much of a wine critic but I do know what I enjoy. Having been raised in Italy, I have always enjoyed Spumante as a kid. I’m definitely no fan of dry wines especially those that taste too much like alcohol.

I purchased these both at Wal-Mart and they were both around 4 dollars. I actually purchased these two to see which one I’d like better and to see if I’d avoid the headaches I get from Barefoot Moscato.

Beringer 3 out of 5

This wine had a bitter aftertaste with an initial sting on the tongue. It seemed to me there might have been a bit more grape skin in this one. The bitterness works well to balance out the sweetness though it smelled a bit vinegary yet pleasantly fruity and alcoholic. It had a stronger flavor though at times it reminded me of citrus extract you use for cooking. Unfortunately it gave me a headache, though not as much as Barefoot wines usually do, but this definitely indicates a higher sulfite content. It definitely has a thicker mouth feel.

Lindemans 4.5 out of 5

This wine was a lot more delicate and easy to drink. It was lighter in color so it may have not had as much grape skin. I found it to have a soft, sweet, mild fruity flavor and a very pleasant light smell. I did detect a cool feeling in my mouth which made it refreshing. Drinking this after tasting the first one really puts in evidence it’s pleasant mildness.

I really enjoyed both wines and although I did enjoy Lindeman’s more (easier to drink and didn’t make me feel weird or give me a headache), I did find Beringer to have a pleasant tartness to it which would probably work well with sweeter desserts. These wines are different enough to be alternated for variety. Though I only buy wine maybe twice a month, I tend to get tired of the same wine by the time I reach the end of the bottle. Though these are dessert wines, I still enjoy drinking them with a nice plate of grilled lamb and polenta in a salt pork tomato sauce and some brie. But for those who would rather drink it with a dessert, a nice tiramisu` or birthday cake would go well. Or you could try it with a really easy dessert to make, which will be covered in my next post!

Cheese things!

  1. We are trying Lineman’s Moscato this weekend at a Festival in Sun Valley. I can’t wait to read your next post with the recipe!

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