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She can do more tricks than my neighbor’s dog!

I will make a new post soon, I hope!

So here it is, my first video blog. Yes, the quality is terrible because I used a very old webcam in conjunction with my Rockband microphone (which is actually a pretty good microphone though my audio quality is still pretty bad) and not much of a set. Yes, I know that my background looks terrible but it was better than having my boyfriend at the computer behind me. I promise that next time the video quality won’t be so bad, I just need to find a place to put our HD digital camera so it doesn’t have to be held by someone. Also, sorry about the ridiculous voice over when the picture is shown — if I had known my recording program didn’t record voice when showing a picture, I would have manually inserted one during editing. Oh well! And sorry about the black box around the video. It won’t be there once I switch to wide-screen HQ video.

Note: The vitamin C was actually added to the beverage. There definitely isn’t enough juice in there to provide any nutritional value.

When I say safer, I mean that glass bottles aren’t supposed to leach chemicals into the drink. Since the glass bottle is wrapped in plastic, it should also not shatter all over the floor if you drop it, though it may crack.

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