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Pomegranate Fruit Marvels

Whilst waiting in line at the cash register towards the end of my monthly grocery shopping  I spotted an interesting royal purple tin in the candy section. You know, the area that they place right in your face to make sure people spend a couple extra ‘harmless’ dollars on something they don’t need, and usually I don’t even look at it, but this candy made me a bit curious. They had two flavors available — pomegranate, which is the one I purchased, and tangerine, for about a dollar fifty.

The tin is actually pretty cool considering you can use it to store other things like buttons, sewing items, and round playing cards, so I figures that even if the candy sucked, I would have a neat little container (I also saved the Juicy Fruit plastic container because it works well to hold sugar and the nice little flap in the front makes it easy to pour it!). After opening it, I noticed that the outside had a rough, pink sugar coating. It smelled pretty fruity, but I didn’t really get much of a pomegranate aroma out of it (I used to often eat pomegranates as a kid so I’m very familiar with the smell, taste, and staining power). The first sugary layer did have a nice mixed berry taste and I enjoyed the rough texture, which quickly melted away and was followed by a smoother (but not as smooth as say the coating of a Gobstopper) middle shell which wasn’t really that sweet in comparison. It kind of reminded me somewhat of marzipan without the almond aftertaste. I usually don’t like to wait until hard shells have melted away (I usually chew Gobstoppers right from the beginning) so I bit into the rest of it and was pleasantly surprised to find a very flavorful berry-like gummy center. It was a bit bitter and the flavor didn’t taste synthetic (though it definitely didn’t taste like pomegranate) at all and the gummy texture was of the softer variety (unlike Haribo gummy bear, which I adore) which definitely worked well with the crunchy outer shell.

The container mentions that they contain 25% real fruit juice, which is more than most fruit juices, but it only matters when you’re taking flavor in consideration since these candies don’t have any real nutritional value other than fulfilling 15% of your daily value of carbohydrates (but that’s for the whole tin) and providing the gluttons with 39 g of sugar (comprised of sugar and corn syrup unfortunately). As for the fruit juice, it obviously wasn’t going to be pomegranate juice they were talking about, in fact, as usual, it’s pear. So in short, these candies are a good occasional treat, but I wouldn’t try to replace my daily fruit intake with a can of these. What bothers me though is that the front of the tin says that these are made with natural ingredients, and on the back they mention modified corn starch which I’m pretty sure doesn’t occur naturally. When they finally start making candy the old fashioned way, by using sugar and the actual juice of the fruit that the candy is supposed to taste like, then they can consider the candy to be made with natural ingredients. I’m not too fond of the fact that it contains carmine color either considering how it affects those who are allergic to it. I never understood the need to give candy bright colors. Would kids not want to eat the candy if it weren’t filled with food coloring? Do we really need kids to find candy more appealing?

I did enjoy this candy and for those who like to have an occasional treat, these are actually quite enjoyable. The contrast between crunchy and chewy has always interested me, and these candies have a nice tart chewy center that I actually like. I don’t care much about the ‘statements’ made on the front of the can, as if they were trying to convince people that candy can ever be healthy or that somehow the little bit of pear juice in it can replace your apple a day (of course they don’t say that straight up, but we know how marketing works) but as long as you’re treating these like candy, and not a vitamin supplement (considering it has no vitamins!), you will probably not be disappointed with this. And remember, you will always be left with a nice tin to store some of your odder items! Anyways, here are the nutritional facts.

Rating: 8 out of 10