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I was pleasantly surprised to see that my boyfriend had come home with the cinnamon candy I had asked for, and even more glad to see that there was a bit of novelty to these specific Hot Tamales.

As I examined the box I noticed the little description of each color from hot to hottest. This is sort of reminiscent of the Taco Bell hot sauce package colors which indicate how hot they are. I popped a yellow one in my mouth and it actually tasted a bit like what you’d expect something yellow to taste like. It was hot, but not painfully so. Definitely had that nice artificial cinnamon flavor that I’ve come to love. Next, I tried the orange-red one which looks just like the regular Hot Tamales, and unsurprisingly, it tasted just like a regular Hot Tamale. Next, I popped the dark red into my mouth and as soon as I began to chew I actually felt my mouth burn as if I had just chewed on a Jalapeño. I definitely experienced a pleasant burn which lingered a bit afterward.

Before trying these I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to tell the difference, but the level of hotness was pretty obvious. And just to make sure it wasn’t just all in my head, I did a blindfold test. I had my boyfriend give me one of each while I had my eyes closed and I have to say that even without looking at them it was very obvious which one was which. As soon as I started chewing on the first one I immediately suspected it was the orange-red one, but to make sure, I asked for a second one. As soon as I had the second one, which was milder, I was sure that the first one was the orange-red one and thus the second one was yellow. And finally he gave me the dark red one which was again, very obvious.

As I was looking inside the box I notice that a good majority of the candy pieces were dark red which luckily was my favorite color, but it would have been nicer to have something closer to an even amount of each just so you can keep it varied a bit. I am hoping though that other boxes are different. Either way, I definitely enjoyed these candies and hope that they continue producing this variety of Hot Tamales, or at the very least, release a box variety of just the dark red ones.

One of the main reasons I truly enjoyed these is because I like to buy cheap bags of cinnamon imperials where each candy seems to vary in its spiciness. I would really recommend these to anyone who loves cinnamon-flavored candy.



While reading my daily news I noticed that there was an article posted on about a blog that featured humorous, satirical and opinionated little articles with pictures of the most ridiculous crap found at this store chain — and what really disturbed me was to see that Forever21 was threatening her with a lawsuit (an affront to free speech anyone?). There are already plenty of blogs that point out how terrible the quality of the products are such as a blog at the Huffington Post and there are even a few Facebook groups pointing out that ‘Forever 21’ sucks, so why would they be suddenly offended that a regular customer who actually purchases much of the stuff she writes about and would chose to share her impressions of these items with an addictive sense of humor? I for one will definitely be dropping by to read her blog just because she has such a unique sense of humor. Kudos to her and I am glad to see so many people supporting her in her ability to exercise her constitutional right. It is truly sad when big corporations attempt to bully and use scare tactics against bloggers who don’t even get paid to do what they do. Luckily, this is the age of the internet where this kind of behavior does not go unnoticed. Schools can’t even get away with unfairly punishing a student anymore.

I’ve been busy working on some signature dishes so I really haven’t had time to post on my blog. Here are a few things I’ve come up with including steamed buns prepared with pancake mix.  I’m also working on a quinoa dough to make pizza of my own invention which is a modified recipe from the usual recipes you find online. Please contact me if you’re interested in specific recipes.