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I will begin by saying that there is a lot of information out there about diets and what you should and shouldn’t eat, and because of this, it seems that doctors and the media have succeeded in making people skeptical about anything. Heck, every time I see the new diet trend posted all over the front page of whatever news website, I end up just scrolling down and ignoring it. I’m not a doctor, or a nutritionist or anything of the sort, but I do know what my body tells me and it has been telling me I was doing something wrong for a very long time. I always thought that I ate a relatively balanced and healthy diet, heck, at times people thought I was a vegetarian because I couldn’t simply afford to buy meat. It didn’t matter how much tofu (an unfortunate source of estrogen) and rice and whatever else I ate – I always ended up feeling tired and fatigued throughout the day, especially in the mornings.

Edit: Right before I posted this, I had a feeling I would be seeing more about gluten on the news, but didn’t realize they would be saying pretty much what I’ve been saying for the past two months!

I honestly thought that being tired, along with having digestion issues (many of which I look back on and realize how severe they were), and kidney infections, asthma, and headaches, and having incredibly painful abdominal cramps was normal. I otherwise felt… fine, if you could call it that. I was pretty much raised to believe that if I wasn’t dead, I wasn’t sick. Well, that isn’t exactly what I was taught, but it is the end result of years of being sent to school because my headache wasn’t something that should keep me at home. So I guess I ended up ignoring a lot of health problems throughout my life and pretended like nothing was wrong. And just the numerous times I had to run to the bathroom my freshman year in high school (could it have been that nasty pseudo-pizza I kept wanting to punish myself with?), I ignored the signs that something wasn’t right with what I was eating.