Favorite Posts This Week!

Posted: August 20, 2010 in favorites of the week
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Little Starburst edits my pages. Can't you tell?

I’ve always been excited to try new foods and body parts, but it is very unusual to find someone (especially a man) that has the balls to eat, you guessed it, bison testicles. These actually look tender and nicely prepared! Good job, Adam! Also, make sure to vote for him on the picture contest. He is someone who truly knows his snacks so he is a perfect representative!

If you’re a fan of Greg on his popular Freezer Burns show, you will probably remember some of these disappointing moments in which Greg came to the realization that what he had placed into his mouth could have potentially overloaded his taste buds with pure terror.

Did you ever think that pizza could be sad? Well, according to Marvo and many of his followers, I guess it can!

Do you like sweet potatoes? Do you like curry? Well, why not try this sweet potato curry recipe and see how you like it.

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