I’ve always loved cooking shows, and so does my boyfriend, so we quite often watch whatever we can get a hold of online. We’ve become quite fond of the potty-mouthed Chef Ramsay — an abrasive British ex-soccer player turned world famous chef. He’s definitely a very influential person, not because of his lack of self-censorship, but because of his passion for food and ability to turn any bad situation into something great, that is, if those involved are willing to do what it takes to make it possible. Though he has several shows on Hulu, I have definitely become quite fond of one of his more shocking TV series called Kitchen Nightmares. I never really went to restaurants in the first place, unless of course I met up with friends somewhere that offered a nice non-fast food style pizza.

I never really thought about what was happening in the kitchen in these places though of course I did know that some people might do something nasty to your food if they didn’t like your attitude, but I never thought that I’d be eating week old chicken, or eating off of a plate that wasn’t washed, and I never imagined that my re-fried beans would have been dished out of a giant garbage bin. But what I was really impressed by in regards to this show is how Chef Ramsay did everything he possibly could, even if it meant dealing with the most arrogant, ignorant, and clueless of restaurant owners, chefs, and managers, and sometimes more. He even acted as a counselor more often than not trying to figure out the reasons behind the problems the restaurant was having other than the obvious lack of quality and cleanliness. What really surprised me is the kind of attitude many of these people were giving him when they were the ones asking for his help! Anyway, if you can stomach seeing some unsightly scenes that would probably make you cringe at the sole though of eating at a restaurant and like a nice drama/ugly duckling to swan themes, this show should definitely pique your interest.

I like lemonade, but I don’t care much for Kool-Aid or Alka Seltzer, but this may actually be an interesting product! I wonder if it would make fizzy ice cubes or popsicles!

Frozen pasta? I like Red Baron’s mini pizzas, though I’m not so sure about frozen pasta, but if you want to know more about it you should check out this one of many entertaining reviews at Freezer Burns!

I’m thinking this is only available in the U.K., but if you can get a hold of these, you probably won’t regret it. At least, I think they look delish!

Do you love caramel? Well, this blogger is giving you the chance to fulfill your caramel dreams as long as you divulge the reasons behind your love of this sweet, buttery, slightly salty gooey, chewy delight!


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