Some of the Most Interesting Posts this Week…

Posted: August 1, 2010 in blogs, Food, Product Reviews, Tech
  • Another weird double chicken sandwich, but at least this time it has some sort of minimal vegetable included, courtesy of Jack in the Box!
  • Do you like Popeye’s? Well, this blog is giving you the chance to win some! Just beware of the hockey mask…
  • Don’t you think that Maggie Simpson’s lack of aging is starting to get a little… old?
  • I found these to all be perfectly true, and perfectly hilarious!
  • You like ice cream? Well, I do, and even though I haven’t had any in like, a year, I would definitely go for these bits!

Ok, now I must find something to eat. Considering we’re out of groceries and have nothing left to cook, I really do crave a Jimmy John’s sandwich. Mmmm… hunter’s club with all the free extras and avocado!

  1. angryjedi says:

    Woo and indeed hoo! Thank you for the linkage. 🙂

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