News: Console Hacker Arrested

Posted: August 5, 2009 in News
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I’m getting tired of purchasing things such as movies (which I don’t do very often these days since they all pretty much suck), consoles and other such items and not being able to do what I want with them. Why shouldn’t I be able to mod my XBOX so that it can connect to my home network, ad a huge hard drive and store my movies and pictures on it? I bought the thing so why can’t I use it the way I want it to. But of course, the days of taking apart your radio and tweaking it a bit so that it picks up stations a state down are over. Sadly, people who are otherwise outstanding citizens (other than some spending their time relaxing with a toke or two) end up with their lives ruined because they hacked a console. I understand if they had hacked it in such a manner that it gave them an advantage in online gaming but this is sad. Some people might disagree, but I don’t think these console hackers are hurting anyone that I know of and I certainly feel no sympathy towards Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft that might have a dime or two taken from their wallets as a result of these hackers’ actions.

So, what do you think? Did this hacker deserve a 10 year sentence? Why and why not?


It looks like now it is legal to “jailbreak” iPhones, but how will that affect modding consoles?


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